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TV Antenna Repairs South Kolan

We’ve been busy over the last three weeks doing a number of TV Antenna replacements in and around Bundaberg!

What can cause my TV antenna to stop working all of a sudden or intermittently you may ask? this can come down to one of the following.

Weather Conditions / Age of Antenna
Depending on when your house was built and how long you’ve lived in the house can give a good indication on how old your TV Antenna is! under normal conditions a Television antenna should last between 10-15 years. However nowadays we are seeing an increase in 4G and now 5G interference from mobile phone towers. As long as it’s safe to do so do a visual inspection of your antenna is there any branches hanging off it? signs of rust? any wires exposed?

If you happen to see some wires exposed it’s probably best to get in contact with us to determine if it’s actually a TV Coaxial cable. You can give us a call on 0401140653 or click here to be taken to our contact page to leave your details.

Signal Boosters
We constantly get phone calls regarding Antenna Boosters and while sometimes they do work they can in fact actually cause more problems then what they fix. Most times with an Antenna replacement you won’t need a Signal booster plugged in as well.

Tv Interference can be caused when other signals affect your TV signal. Sometimes that interference can be caused by geography, weather or even another Television station, But mostly it’s due to items in and around our house.

Electrical items can send out bursts of energy in which results in interference to our television.

Appliances in which could cause interference
– swimming pool pumps
– power tools
– washing machines
– hot water systems
– refrigerators
– LED lights
– light switches and powerboards
– electric fences

your best bet to test if an electrical appliance is causing interference is to have everything turned off except for your Television and then begin to turn each device on one by one. Of course if you don’t feel safe doing this yourself we are more than happy to come out and do this for you! Call us on 0401140653 or click here to be taken to our contact page.

Outside interference
You may find that the interference could be coming from something on your street such as streetlights, power lines, mobile phone towers or other nearby equipment. If you’ve tried the above but still unable to resolve your issues please get in touch with us to see how we can help!

Geographic Issues
Sometimes your issues can come down to simply where your residence is located and how the TV signals reach you. Hilly or forested areas with large amounts of trees and dense foliage can impact signals as well as a phenomenon called atmospheric ducting. Ducting is when services interfere with local services during certain weather events. While more common in warmer months it is usually more noticeable in the afternoons or evenings. If you consistently experience this issue we can investigate this and look at a satellite tv system to suit your property.

Check out what TV Antenna Repalcements we do at the following page on our website

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