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CCTV Installations Bundaberg

CCTV & Security System Installations Childers

Having a well planned out and installed CCTV or Security Camera system is vital when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of your family or staff members. Combined Technology Services can supply and install CCTV & Security systems in and around Childers and the Bundaberg Region.

Ensuring a security system meets the demands to ensure that when and if a incident occurs that all footage is recorded to later assist with investigations or for evidence. We often hear about how people have CCTV cameras however forget to ensure they are recording or even turned on! 

Security Camera Installations Bundaberg

All Security systems and CCTV cameras installed by Combined Technology Services are installed in a professional manner to ensure that tampering is kept to an absolute minimum. We have options to suit Residential and Commercial clients and can cater from small systems to large system installations and configurations.  

All systems installed by Combined Technology Services offer just some of these features 

  • Apple & Android Compatibility Apps 
  • 24 Hour 365 day recording 
  • Motion Detection 
  • People/ Vehicle Detection 
  • Audio Recording 
  • Scheduled Recording 
Variations of CCTV Cameras Bundaberg

Variations of Security Systems?

There are a range of CCTV Systems and Cameras on the market nowadays so it can be quite haunting when it comes to choosing what’s going to be the best option.