This job seen us perform another Starlink Satelite system installation with a Point to Point wifi system to a granny flat located on the customers property. Perviously the customer was using NBN Skymuster which struggled at the best of times leaving the customer with very limited mobile phone service to perform daily tasks such as sending emails etc.

Overall this was a fairly standard installation for our Starlink services we simply performed a site survey first which we get onto your roof and ensure we have a good location for the Starlink dishm Upon getting the best result we then begin with the installation. After successfully getting the Starlink dish installed we then moved onto getting the Point to Point Wifi system configured and installed.

As you will see from the speed test result its a pretty typical result for Starlink we mounted one of our Wifi Antennas onto a Antenna mast the customer already had on there roof meaning one less mast on the roof. After we got the results we were after we then moved over to the customers granny flat and completed the remaing setup for the Point to Point system. Upon completion both the customer and customers daughter who is living in the granny flat can no enjoy the Starlink service with the customer noting its the first time they could watch Netflix that evening!!!




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