Here we have a Starlink Satelite installation performed out in Rules Beach approxmartley 1hour and 20 mins drive from Bundaberg. This job seen us removing some roof sheets to get access to the wall cavitys in order to run the cable for the Starlink Modem. We initally had 3 Satelite dishes on this customers roof already however the customer asked us to remove one of the Foxtel dishes as they no longer used Foxtel.

With the roof being in poor condition already we had to take a high level of care to ensure no further damage was caused, Upon compeltion of our Starlink cable work we then installed new roofing screws and applied silicone to certain parts of the roof. Overall it was a pretty standard install even with taking a couple of roof sheets off due to the customer having no manhole access internally.


The end result seen this customer get the typical Starlink speed of upwards of 160mbps download speed and around 20mbps upload speed. This customer was on NBN Skymuster service previously to moving over to the Starlink service. If your looking for Starlink Installations in Rules Beach, Agnes Waters, Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Captain Creek or any other nearby areas don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by clicking here or calling us on 0401 140 653