We received a call from our customer regarding poor mobile phone service at there premisses which as located in Bargara QLD which is situated approximately 15 mins from Bundaberg. The customers issue was unless they stood near a window in the front of the house they would get next to no phone service.



The customer was elderly and requires phone service for a medialeart system that runs off the 4G mobile phone network so it was crucial to get a result for the customer. We attended the house in Bargara and performed a site survey which gave us good results straight away! We could see that by using the Telstra Cel-Fi Go unit and a 4G/5G Antenna we could get our customer full 4G/5G mobile phone service!

We proceeded with the installation by using a 1.5 meter antenna mast and installing the antenna cabling in the house. The best location for the Cel Fi units are generally in the middle of the house or business so we installed the unit in the office which was based near the kitchen in the house.
After performing the installation and setup of the Cel Fi unit we begun testing the levels throughout the house to see amazing results instantly. From when we originally arrived we couldn’t get next to no mobile service to now we had full 4G/5G mobile phone service in every room of the house.