Today we completed wall mounting and running the cables internally in the walls to give a cordfree look! We woke up to it raining and isolated storms throughout Bundaberg area so we had to postpone other jobs which required roof work until at least next week at this stage.

Our first TV we installed was located in the master bedroom seeing as the customer already had power and tv outlets located at the bottom we put in two bullnose plates to run the cables internally and they then come up behind the TV. The mount the customer went with means they can slightly tilt it up or down and also pull it out towards them which is hand to clean behind the mount as well.

Our end result turned out well! all cables are neatly placed in a cavity behind the gyprock and come out behind the tv ensuring none are seen!


The second TV we installed was in the lounge room and was a nice 65″ TV. Again power and tv antenna outlets were already installed at the bottom so we went with the same setup as in the main bedroom. Again a nice installed tv with mess free cables!



The third installation was a 32″ tv on a angle mount in the guest bedroom, Power and TV Antenna outlets were already installed at same height as mounting location so this was a nice and quick installation. While it shows a cable hanging upon finishing installation all cables were tied back behind the TV so it was left looking cable free!


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