We received a call from a customer of ours in Bundaberg North stating that they weren’t able to get channel 9 and unable to watch Tennis. On arrival and checking with our terrestrial meter we were getting very weak readings. We proceeded to move onto the roof and inspected the TV Amplifier to which we immediately found one of our problems this is what we were greeted with! Whoever installed the Amplifier hadn’t even connected it.

Poor TV Service Bundaberg North

Our next issue was old coax cable being used which isn’t compatible with our RG6 Compression fittings we use as well as part of the customers UHF/VHF Antenna also broken and swaying in the wind. Our team ended up running a new section of cable from the customers tv to the New Matchmaster Amplifier and Matchmaster Antenna.

Our end result was a happy customer who could now watch the TENNIS! Unfortunately we didn’t grab any after photos for this job however it just goes to show that you need an expert when it comes to quality TV Antenna Services.

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