Faulty UHF/VHF Antenna Replacement in Kepnock Bundaberg

We received a call from our customer in Kepnock regarding unable to get any free to air television stations on there tv. There initial diagnosis was after all the recent storms that the antenna had become faulty however we believe it was a combination of an old UHF/VHF antenna as well as old uhf tv cabling installed into the customers premisses.


Due to low style ceilings in our customers premisses they didn’t have a man hole which resulted in us taking some roof sheets off to gain access to install new TV Antenna Cabling. We installed new Matchmaster RG6 Quad Shield tv cabling throughout the customers house along with a new Matchmaster TV VHF Antenna and Amplifier.


We use all quality style compression style RG6 fittings which mean its impossible for the fittings to come off unless you cut them off! The end result for our customer in kepnock is now crystal clear free to air television! And a lifetime warranty thanks to Matchmaster Antennas! which is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Match Master TV Antenna & Amplifier Upgrade in Kepnock Bundaberg